Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Book of Revelation by Chuck Missler – Hour 16 – Revelation 10-11

Chapters 10 and 11 are part of the break between the sixth and seventh trumpets.  The seventh trumpet ushers in the Bowls of Wrath.  In chapter 10, we discuss the “Little Book” and the Seven Thunders.  In chapter 11, we look at the Temple and the Two Witnesses.

The Seven Thunders spoke, and John was about to write down what they said, but was forbidden.  So, why make a reference to the fact that the Seven Thunders spoke, but not record what they said?  This is the only sealed thing in this unsealed book.  The point is that no doctrine can be built upon the “Canon” being complete until the words of the Seven Thunders are recorded.

The delay of judgment is coming to an end.  Time is up for lost sinners to repent.

Take the time to do a study on the tabernacle and the temple.  They are fascinating.  If you have an opportunity to tour “Messiah’s Mansion”, I would recommend that as well.  Chuck’s teaching on this topic was fascinating as well.  Check it out.

Now for the burning question:  Who are the Two Witnesses?  What is the Scriptural basis for your opinion?  Personally, I agree with Dr. Missler on this point.  I believe the Two Witnesses are Moses and Elijah.  The reason I believe this is that the miracles they perform are reminiscent of these OT ministers.  Chuck’s teaching has reinforced my belief in this because he mentions the transfiguration where Moses and Elijah show up and talk with Jesus and Peter offers to build tents for them.  Chuck suggests this may have been a “staff meeting” about the end times.  Ooooh, I’ve got goose bumps!!!

Homework for next time:  Read Revelation 12.  Who is the “Woman” of chapter 12?  How does this chapter affect our perspectives of today?

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