Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ephesians: Discovering Your Identity and Purpose in Christ – Week Nine

Sit down to Stand

We are commanded to be strong in the Lord.  We are to totally rely on and trust Him.  He is our source of strength and power.  Hallelujah!

To be strong and stand firm, we are told to put on the full armor of God.  Check out Romans 13:12, 14 and Galatians 3:27.  CHRIST IS OUR ARMOR!  As the battle rages, we only need to stand because the victory is already won in Christ!  We have nothing to fear.  We need to entrust all of our fears to Him.  We need to boldly make the mystery of the Gospel known.  We need to pray for each other.

Standing is a still and peaceful posture.  It is solid and alert.  It is planted.  It is tall.  It is strong.  This is what we’re called to be in Christ.

When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.

Memorize:  Ephesians 6:11-12

This amazing Bible study may be over, but our journey with Jesus continues!  I invite you to come back next week as we begin Angela Thomas’ study “When Wallflowers Dance”.  Don’t miss it!

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