Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Brave by Angela Thomas – Session 6

Homework: Another week of homework has tilled the crusty soil of my heart and planted seeds that promise change. God’s Word has poured His healing and Living Water onto the seeds and brought forth life. Praise Him! Thus far, this has been the most life impacting lesson for me. I have struggled with being invisible to men, and still do to a certain extent. But the Lord has shown me that I never need to struggle with being invisible to Him! And neither do you. Hallelujah!

Video: The teaching for session 6, “I Am Invisible,” comes from Genesis 16. This is probably the first time I read this story and saw Hagar as a victim rather than as a villain. Angela’s teaching got me to look at the situation from Hagar’s point of view, and my heart actually softened toward the woman and my respect and admiration for her obedience grew immensely. My desire is that I should be so obedient. Returning to Sarah and submitting to her authority would not have been easy. I wonder if Sarah noticed the change in her maidservant and was humbled by it.

Beginning with a story about a soccer game where Angela’s family watched their son and brother from the sidelines a good distance in front of the rest of the crowd, Angela stated that she only wanted someone to acknowledge them, introduce themselves and invite them to move their chairs back with the crowd. It made me wonder if I would have done that, or moved my chair up near theirs, or stayed back with the crowd gossiping about the new family that didn’t know where they should sit. Humbling. Angela’s final story about a teacher/friend/house cleaner named Beverly gave me a clear picture of who I really want to be. I want people to hear my songs of praise before they see me coming. I want to pray with the power and authority that the Lord has given me. I don’t want to get close enough to the devil to spit on him, so I’ll take that as I want to cling to God so closely that the devil won’t come anywhere near us.

Class Activity/Discussion: One of my favorite questions this week was about what you would name God because of His recent activity in our lives. But that didn’t encourage as much response or discussion as what sort of monument we could make to God. The discussion that took place centered on building a monument to God without it becoming an idol. But my other favorite question of this week’s homework, which centered on what we’re able to do (rather than have to do), ignited some terrific sharing, discussion, and had me adding to my already long list of things I get to do.

At the end of class, I presented another invitation to Bible Study Fellowship to study Genesis in the fall.

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