Tuesday, May 01, 2012

REVIEW: The Voice New Testament

“The Voice” New Testament is an incredibly unique
Bible. There is wonderful commentary
sprinkled throughout the Scriptures. But
we’ve seen that in other Bibles. What
makes “The Voice” truly unique is that it is written in a script format to
emphasize the spoken words! Scriptures
are meant to be read aloud and heard by the audience. “The Voice” makes the actual dialogue of New
Testament Scripture pop off of the page!
This book is apparently designed to appeal to the demographic of people
who find the Scriptures too difficult to understand.

This volume also contains several other extras like lists of
appropriate readings to celebrate Advent, Lent and Easter as well as readings
for personal growth. However, several
words have been omitted from the translation.
Words like “Christ” and “angel” and “apostle”, and, frankly, in my
opinion, you cannot remove Christ from the scriptures. So, as unique as this book is, it will not be
read often in my home.

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