Saturday, May 13, 2017

Homiletics: John 21

Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.After, J revealed self again 2disc by Sea of Tiberias: SP, Thos, Nath, Zeb sons&2others together (1-2)

2.SP:I’m going fishing;they:we’re coming; went into boat, that nite caught nothing (3)

3.When daybrk came, J stood on shore, disc know it J;”men”,J called,”u have fish, do u?” “no” (4-5)

4.”cast net rt side boat&you’ll find some”, they unable 2 haul bec of lg # of fish (6)

5.discJlv2P:it is the L;P tied outr garmt round him/plungd in2 sea; discs came in boat draggin fish(7-8)

6.when they got out, saw charcoal fire w/fish&bread;”bring some fish u caught,”J told them (9-10)

7.SP hauled lg fish 153,net torn;“come have breakfast”;none ask who r u bec they knew it was L(11-12)

8.J came,took bread,gave2em,same w/fish;this 3rd time J appeard2disc after raised(13-14)


9.Whn they’d eaten,J:Sim,son of John, do u lv me mo than these?Y,L u know I lv u;feed lambs(15)

10.2nd x:Sim, do u lv me? Y,L u know I lv u; shepherd my sheep(16)

11.3rd x:Sim, do u lv me? P grieved He askd 3rd x:L u know evrythg,u know I lv u; feed my sheep(17)

12.whn young u walk where u wantd,whn old u’ll stretch out hands some1 carry u where u want 2go(18)

13.He said to signify kind of death he glorify G; “Follow me” (19)


14.P saw disc J lv following, P:L what about him?(20-21)

15.”If I want him 2 remain till I come, what’s that to you? Follow me”(22)

16.Rept spread to bros this disc wouldn’t die, yet J tell him he wouldn’t die(23)

17.This is disc who testifies to these things&wrote them;we know testimony true(24)

18.There many other things J did, if they were written 1x1, not even wrld could contain bks written(25)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.Jesus revealed Himself a third time to the disciples by the sea of Tiberias. (1-14)

Principle:  Jesus reveals Himself to those who love Him.

2.Jesus asks Simon Peter three times “Do you love me” and assures Peter by what kind of death he will glorify God. (15-19)

Principle:  Jesus restores His people so we may serve and glorify God.

3.The disciple Jesus loved follows Jesus and Peter, a report spreads to the brothers that this disciple would not die, he is the one who testifies to these things and wrote these words and declares if everything Jesus did were written, the whole world couldn’t contain the books! (20-25)

Principle:  Jesus did and does so much more than we could ever imagine out of love for people.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

Jesus’ third appearance and restoration of Peter complete John’s gospel.


Jesus’ third appearance and Peter’s love declaration complete John’s gospel.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, etc.):

TCMATK  Jesus loves you and came to earth to reveal God to you and restore you into relationship with and service to Him.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about life change):

1.How has Jesus revealed Himself to you lately and how has this changed your behavior and worship of Him?

2.In what areas of your service to Christ do you need to be restored and how will that restoration affect your relationship with and service to Him?

3.What are some of the things Jesus has done for you that are not recorded in books and how will those things change how you treat Him and others?

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