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Homiletics: 1 Peter 1

Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.P, apostle o JC, 2Gs elect,exiles scattrd throughout Pontus,Galatia,Cappadocia,Asia,Bithynia(1)

2.chosen accordg24knowlg o G thru sanctfyg wk o S,2b obed to JC&sprnkld w/blod:grace&peace(2)

3.praise2Fr! In grt mercy,givn us new birth thru resurr o JC in2 inheritnc tht nvr perish/spoil/fade(3-4a)

4.inhrtnc kpt hvn4u who thru faith r shieldd by Gs pwr til cming o salv ready 2breveald in last time (4b-5) this u grtly rejoice, tho now u may’ve had2suffr grief in trials; thes cm so genuinss ur faith (6-7a)

6. (>worth thn au-perish tho refind by fire)result in praise, glry, honr whn JC reveald (7b)

7.tho u seen Hm,uYHm;tho u see Hm now,u bel&r filld w/inexprssbl&glrius joy,4u recv salv(8-9)

8.concrng this salv, proph who spoke o grace2cm2u,searchd intently w/grtst care(10)

9.trying 2find time&circumstncs Spirit was pointing when predictd suffrings o Mess&glories2follow(11)

10.revld they servg u whn spoke things told u by preachd Gosp2u by HS,angels long 2lk n2 thesthngs(12)


11.Ther4,w/minds alert&sober, set ur hope on grace2b brought when JC=revld@His cming(13)

12.cnform2evl desirs had whn livd n ignornc;as He who calld u=holy,b holy;writn:b hly bec I holy(14-16)

13.Since u call FR who judgs ea pers’s wk impartially, live as foreigners here in revernt fear (17)

14.u know it not w/perishbl things such as silver/au u redeemd frm empty life handd u frm ancestrs (18)

15. but w/precious blood of Christ, a lamb w/o blemish/defect (19)

16.He was chosn b4 creation, but reveald in these last times 4 ur sake (20)

17.Thru Hm u bel in G who raisd Him frm dead/glorfid Him, so ur faith/hope r in G(21) uve purifd urselvs by obeyg truth so u hv sincreY4ea othr,Y1anothr deeply frmY(22)

19.4u brn agn, imperishable seed thru living/enduring wd o G(23)

20.ppl lk grass,glry lk flowers, grass withrs,flowers fall, word o L endures 4evr, this wd prchd2u(24-25)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.Peter to God’s elect: praise God the Father  Who has given us new birth, though we may suffer so our faith may result in praise, glory and honor when Christ is revealed; the prophets predicted Messiah’s suffering and glories and even angels long to look into these things (1-12)

Principle:  Believers live lives of praise to God.

2.Don’t conform to evil desires, live as foreigners in reverent fear, through Jesus believe in God, obey the truth, love each other deeply, born again through the imperishable word of the Lord. (13-25)

Principle:  Believers live lives of obedience to God.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

Peter to God’s elect: you may suffer; praise and obey.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, etc.):

TCMATK Believers are foreigners on earth, rejoicing, obeying the truth and enduring temporary suffering.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about life change):

1.To whom can you show grace and peace and how will you do that this week?  (the one who hurt me.  I will do this by adding them to my daily prayer list because praying for them less often hasn’t healed my heart, and by spending time with them.)

What needs to change in your heart or attitude so you live a life characterized by praise for Christ?  (Welcome suffering, praise Him for persecution, remember His joy is my strength)

2.In what area(s) of your life are you conforming to evil desires rather than God’s Word and what might you change this week to get back on track?  (See my work as service to Jesus and do it diligently and with excellence and integrity.  Quit complaining and disrespecting authority.  I had been boycotting staff meetings because of inappropriate comments made during the meeting – I went to the last one and when my boss tried to bait me into saying something inappropriate, I told him, “I’m not falling for that.”)


How can I be a blessing to the nations this week?  (I can start by sharing grace and peace with one person!  I can welcome suffering in my life and encourage others who are suffering.)


A few notes on 1 Peter 1:


Remember Peter?  Fisherman…One who witnessed the transfiguration…walked on water…denied Christ 3x…he authored the gospel penned by Mark…his 1st sermon brought 3000 to Christ…experienced Pentecost…declared Jesus to be “the Son of the Living God”…didn’t want to eat with Gentiles…


This letter was written by the apostle Peter during the time of Nero’s persecution of Christians around AD 64, from Rome (Babylon), penned by Silas, to believers who were undergoing trials (possible stemming from Nero’s persecution) in 5 provinces in the area now known as Turkey.


Written to emphasize and encourage Christian living, especially in the face of suffering and persecution.


We need to understand our suffering in light of God’s higher purposes for ourselves and others.


We are foreigners/strangers/exiles who should live as citizens of heaven.


By living this way, we are God’s priestly people.  One source indicated we are fulfilling our calling where Israel failed: to be a blessing to the nations.  Read 1 Peter with this in mind.


Do you thank and praise God for choosing you?


Are you experiencing His grace and peace in abundance?  To whom can you show His grace and peace?


What has God given you in His great mercy?


Praise Jesus!  Eternal life doesn’t erode or diminish!


We are totally protected by God the whole time we’re on earth!  Hallelujah!!! This doesn’t mean we won’t suffer.


How are you suffering?  (Disease, unemployment, relationships, addictions, pain)  Are you able to rejoice in that suffering?


A pregnant woman has pain (physical labor and childbirth) and joy (bringing a child into the world) at the same time!  The joy is so much greater than the pain, she’ll get pregnant again!  A pregnant woman will PRAY for labor to begin!  Are you praying for your spiritual labor to start so something amazing can be birthed in you?  (thanks, Joyce Meyer!)


The joy of the Lord is your strength!!!


Our trials are purposeful.  What purposes have you observed from your trials or the trials of others?


Rejoice in your suffering.  Wouldn’t the enemy leave you alone is you weren’t making an impact for the kingdom of God?


One day, EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!


How has Jesus filled you with “inexpressible and glorious joy”?


Eternal life began the moment Jesus saved you.  How does your life reflect that?


The prophets and angels don’t understand salvation, repentance and man’s intimate relationship with God.  Do you treasure that relationship?  Have you thanked Him for it lately?


We show our gratitude through our obedience.  How is your obedience?  Are you conforming to the evil desires you used to have? Have you prayed expectantly for God to take them from you?


What are you hanging onto from your past that keeps you desiring those evil things?  Are you willing to let them go?


Do you seek God’s will for your life daily?  How about hourly?


When He reveals His will, do you obey it?


What thoughts need to be taken captive and what activities need to be purged because they talk you out of obeying God?


Partial obedience is disobedience.


We are legal aliens…Ambassadors!!!


How can you live as a foreigner on earth?  We need to hold to the laws, customs, language, etc of our homeland: Heaven.


We should look different.  We should sound different.  We shouldn’t fit in with the world.


Where are you compromising your heavenly citizenship to fit in with the world?


Being a foreigner isn’t easy.  How can you encourage your Christian siblings for being different from the world?  Who will you encourage today?  Does your phone allow you to type a text now to be sent in the future?


Believers are to live in reverence to God…in awe…not arrogant…not hard-headed (or hearted)…not reckless…


Would someone watching you say you are reverent of God?  Or would they say you are arrogant?


Are there areas of hard-headedness in you that need to be softened?  Ask God to soften you in those areas.


Where are you living recklessly? Do you tend to “wing it”? Or are you deliberate about prayer and Bible study and fellowship and ministry and sharing the gospel?  Ask Jesus to guide you in leading a more deliberate and influential life to advance His kingdom.


Your life is purposeful.


We are called to follow Jesus.


We are called to love each other deeply.


We are called to be pure and obey the truth.


We are called to be holy.


We’ve been born again through the living, active, enduring Word of God that is sharper than any two-edged sword.  It’s like a scalpel in the hands of the Great Physician, and He is ready to use that scalpel to cut deeply and get all the evil and compromise and worldliness and arrogance and recklessness out of us.  Are you ready to let Him do that?


Will you entrust yourself to the Savior of your soul?  He has your best interest at heart.  He has plans for your life.  Plans to prosper you and not harm you.  Plans to give you hope and an eternal future.


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