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Homiletics: 1 Peter 2

Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.There4, rid all malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, slander of every kind (1) newborn, crave pure spiritual milk so u grow in salvation, now uve tasted that L is good (2-3) u cm 2 Him, living Stone, rejected by humans/chosen by G (4)

4.u like living stones being built into spirtual hse 2b holy priesthd offring spiritual sacrifices2G thruJC(5)

5.Scr says:I lay stone in Zion, chosen/precious crnrstone,who trusts in Hm nvr put to shame (6)

6.2u who bel, stone=precious;2 those bel, “stone builders rejected become crnrstone” (7)

7.& “stone that causes ppl 2 stumble&rock that makes em fall”; they stumble bec disobey, destined 4(8)

8.u chsn ppl,royal priesthd,holy nation,Gs special poss,that u declare praises Him calld u out darkness(9)

9.once u ppl, now u ppl of G; once u rec’d mercy, now u recd mercy (10)


10.frends/forenrs/exiles,abstn sinfl desires;live gd among pagans,accuse u o wrong,c gd, glrfy G(11-12)

11.submit4L sake2authority;emperor;governors;Gs will:doing gd u silence ignornt talk foolish ppl (13-15) as free ppl,freedm cvr evil;live as Gs slaves;respect evry1,lv beleivrs,fear G,honor emperor(16-17)

13.slaves submit2masters,gd also harsh;commendable if bears up under unjust suffering bec of G(18-19) it2ur credit if rec beating 4doing wrong;if u suffr4doing gd&endure, commendable(20)


15.2this u calld bec C suffrd4u, example,u should follow His steps(21)

16.”He committed no sin & no deceit found in His mouth”(22)

17.whn hurld insults@Him,He retaliate;when He suffrd,made threats,entrusted self2Him judges jstly(23)

18.He bore our sins on cross so we might die2sins&live4rightnss;by His wounds we heald(24)

19.U like sheep going astray,but ret’d2Sheprd/Overseer of your souls(25)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.Come to the living Stone (1-10)

Principle: Believers are stones being built into a spiritual house

2.Friends, Foreigners, Exiles: Live, Submit, Endure (11-20)

Principle: Believers’ behavior should make even our accusers glorify God

3.Because Christ suffered for you, follow in His steps (21-25)

Principle: Believers are called to follow Christ, even in suffering


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

Christ, the Living Stone, suffered; believers should follow His example.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, etc.):

TCMATK A believer’s suffering brings him into intimate fellowship with Christ Himself.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about life change):

1.How are you sharing what you’ve tasted to help others know the Lord is good?  (my testimonies about cancer, unemployment, etc.  Being vulnerable with my sharing.)

2.In what areas are you failing to submit to the authority over you and how will you place yourself under that authority today?  (there are a few.  With regard to one, I’ve added that person to my daily prayer list because praying for them less often was allowing my heart to become bitter and hard between prayer times.  With regard to a couple others, I pray for their salvation and pray that I quit complaining about my workplace and stop disrespecting these people.)

3.How can you follow Jesus’ example of suffering the next time you go through a trial?  (praise Him through it.  Walk confidently with God.)  How can you encourage a friend to follow Jesus’ example as they suffer?  (point out the positives of suffering: knowing God better, growing faith, coming through it a better person, being a shining light toward Christ and pointing loved ones to Him.)


How can I be a blessing to the nations this week?  (Follow Christ’s example – even in suffering – and encourage others to do the same.)


A few notes on 1 Peter 2:


Because our time is so short (we are vapor – see James 4:14), there’s no time to waste!  Get rid of bad behavior now.  Pray.  We cannot develop Christ’s character in ourselves!  He must develop it in us.  Get specific with Him when you pray.  Do you need to be delivered from complaining?  Arguing?  Thanklessness?  Patience?  Ask Jesus to purge specific habits from you.


Do you crave God’s Word like food?  Does our obedience satisfy and sustain us?  Our obedience certainly declares how we feel about God.


How have you tasted that the Lord is good?  With whom are you sharing that taste of the Lord’s goodness?  With whom should you be sharing it, but aren’t?  Are you praying for Christ to fill your mouth with His praises to share with others?


Jesus is the cornerstone of the priesthood we are part of.  We’ve been set apart by God to be His priests.  What are your priestly duties?  One duty was to offer sacrifices.  Are you daily offering sacrifices of praise?  Where do you need Christ’s help to execute those duties?


You are God’s special possession…His treasure.  How should treasure act?


How are you declaring God’s praises?


Do you remember back to when you were not one of God’s people?  Would you trade your life now to go back into the darkness?


Are you prayerfully abstaining from sinful desires?  Are you praying for others in this area as the war is waged for their souls?  Are you offering encouragement and support to those who are struggling?  Are you asking for help in your areas of struggle?  Do you transparently share your struggles to help others fight?


Where are you struggling to live as a foreigner and an exile?  Who can you ask to help keep you accountable in this area?


Does your life look so different from the world that “pagans” accuse you of doing wrong?  When you’re tempted to give up in the face of opposition, remember it is more commendable to suffer for doing right.


The authority placed over you (parents, supervisors, pastors, government officials, etc.) are appointed by God!  Disrespecting that authority is disrespecting God and His will and plan for your life.


What do you do when you struggle to submit to authority?  Pray?  Study God’s Word? Force obedience?  Talk bad about that authority figure with others who are like-minded and feed your dislike?  Undermine the authority?  Disobey?  We need to remember that how we treat the authorities over us is a reflection of how much we love God.  Obedience to God shows our love.


We are free not to look like the world.


We are free to submit to good masters and harsh ones.  Which master would be more difficult to submit to?  Our submission to which one honors Jesus?


How are you focusing on God to get through your painful circumstances?  Remember, when Peter focused on Christ during the storm, he walked on water.  When he focused on the circumstances, he began to sink!  What are you focusing on today?


How has Christ’s example as the suffering servant helped you in your suffering?  How are you following Him in your suffering as He commanded?  If He was sinless, yet suffered, why do we think we should be spared suffering?  How could you practice what Jesus did in your own trials?


Have you entrusted yourself to God to the point where you rejoice in your suffering because He gave it to you?


Does sharing in the sufferings of Christ bring joy to you?


Have you turned to the Shepherd?  Don’t go another moment without Him.

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