Saturday, December 12, 2015

Homiletics: Revelation 2:12-3:6

Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

Pergamum: where Satan has his throne and people hold to the teaching of Balaam – Repent!
Your response to God’s Word identifies who is sitting on the throne of your life.
Thyatira: you’re doing more than at first, but tolerate Jezebel – to overcomers I give authority over nations.
Our behaviors are rooted in our hearts and minds and should be pleasing to Christ if we belong to Him.
Sardis: wake up and strengthen what’s about to die – overcomers will be dressed in white.
We should seek regular spiritual awakening and strengthening in order to follow though in our service to Christ.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

John writes Jesus’ words to Pergamum, Thyatira and Sardis.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK Jesus’ Warnings, instructions and encouragement to the Revelation churches apply to us today.



What instruction have you received from the sharp, double-edged sword and how have you responded?
Who sits on the throne of your life?  How will you ensure this seat is occupied by the proper entity?
Tradition says Antipas was roasted alive in a bronze bull and could be heard praying while he died.  What is your reaction to extreme circumstances in your life?
If Jesus were sitting with you right now, what would He say He has against you?  What action will you take this week to make this right?
What is the Spirit saying to you and how are you responding?
How might you encourage someone else with what you’ve overcome?
What deeds might Jesus say He knows you for?  How would you like to change this?  How would you like to continue developing this?
In what areas are you tolerant where you should be taking a stand?  What will you do this week to correct this?
If Christ searched your heart and mind right now, what would He find?  How will you ensure that what He finds is pleasing to Him?
What is your spiritual reputation?  Does it match reality?  What will you do to make it more God-honoring?
In what areas do you need spiritual awakening and strengthening?  What will you do to make that happen?
Where are you not following through in your service to Christ?  How will you improve this?
What have you received from Christ and His Word and how are you obeying it?


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