Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Book of Revelation by Chuck Missler – Hour 12 – The 70th Week of Daniel (Daniel 9)

This week, we’re talking about the 70th week of Daniel.  This teaching comes from Daniel 9:27.  We learned that “the prince that shall come” is alluded to throughout Scripture by many names such as:  Seed of the Serpent, Idol Shepherd, Little Horn, Willful King, Beast, False Prophet, Anti-Christ, Lawless One, Man of Sin, Son of Perdition.  Dr. Missler reveals what Scripture says about his character and appearance.

We also learned about the abomination of desolation and discussed when it occurred previously.  Because of this prophecy, we know that the temple must be rebuilt because there must be a temple for there to be an abomination of desolation.

We briefly talked about the rapture and the seven churches.  And we received the encouragement once again to always be ready for Christ’s return because Scripture says that He will return at a time we do not expect Him.


Homework for next time:  Read Revelation 6.

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