Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Book of Revelation by Chuck Missler – Hour 13 – Revelation 6

After a re-hashing of what we’ve learned so far:  the outline of the book of Revelation, the identity of the 24 elders, some great highlights from the book of Ruth, the 70 weeks and the order of events in the end times; we dove into the seven-sealed scroll.

I have never done a study of the five horsemen of the apocalypse before – yes, there are FIVE horsemen!  But after Dr. Missler’s presentation of the first four horsemen, I would love to make a study of this subject!  Which leads me to a recommendation:  since Chuck presents so much information during the course of his Bible studies, keep a running list of the things you want to take the time to study for yourself!  That way, when you have a long weekend or some quiet time, you can choose one of those topics and do a study on your own!

We continue talking about avenging the blood of the saints, earthquakes and celestial happenings which leads to a lengthy – and quite interesting – discussion on the fabric of space.  We then moved to a comparison of the parallels between the books of Joshua and Revelation.  This is fascinating.  I need to make a careful list of the parallels.

So, there’s the first six seals.  Structurally, there is a break after the sixth seal.  We know it as chapter seven.  Then come the trumpets.  Again, six will be presented and there will be a break – chapters 10 through 14 – then the seventh trumpet.  Finally, the first six bowls are presented.  Then we have a third break – chapter 16 – and then the seventh bowl is poured out.

There is going to be a very interesting view from the mezzanine.  Tell all of your friends and loved ones to secure their seat, now.

Homework for next time:  Read Revelation 7 & 14.  Which tribes are missing and why?  Summarize the mysterious prophecies of the Tribe of Dan.  What is the role of the 144,000?

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