Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Memorizing Scripture

Last year, I felt compelled to unearth some “talents” I’ve had long-buried so the Lord might use them for His glory.  One of the things we have actively begun to deal with over the last 10 months is memorizing Scripture.  I’d done it in the past, having memorized a chapter or two on my own, and the book of James for a Bible study I participated in.  But since undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment, my recent memory hasn’t been what it used to be.
Memorizing Scripture can be intimidating.  I signed up to participate in a blog tour promoting a book on Scripture memorization, which led me to want to write a post on the helps I’ve discovered so far.

First and most importantly, PRAY.  Ask God to give you the capacity and drive to memorize His Word.  Ask Him to write His Word on your heart and your mind.  If you belong to Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives in you and He already has all of Scripture memorized.  He wrote it!  Ask Him for help.
I realize that memorizing Scripture can be a daunting task.  When it comes to committing Scripture to memory, we need all the encouragement we can get!  I found a free Scripture memory system at that consists of a set of printable index cards that will act as tabbed dividers to help you organize the verses you’re working on.  There are also several sets of printable index cards containing suggested Scripture passages to memorize.  I’ve been using this system myself for several months and even printed a set of cards for each of the gals in my Sunday School class as a gift.

I won’t explain the whole system to you, but one of the first steps is to create index cards of all the verses you already have memorized.  You will go over what you know once a month so you don’t forget it.  This was something I wasn’t doing on my own, but adding this to my daily practice has really made a difference in my retention.

Some things I've found helpful to memorize is:  Say it.  Write it.  Type it. Pray it.  You need to practice anything you want to become good at.  Actors need to run lines and rehearse before they perform for an audience.  Michael Jordan didn't wake up with a Bulls jersey one morning!  (Well, actually, he did, but you get the point I'm trying to make.)  Sure, he may have been born with a gift for the game, but making it to the NBA takes practice.  The soldiers who defend our nation may have never touched a weapon before basic training.  Practice makes them proficient.  And Scripture is a weapon in spiritual warfare!  As Christians, it's not optional for us to use it.   Practice.  Practice.  Practice.  It's how you get to Carnegie Hall!

When I’m trying to learn a verse, I will make that verse address my computer password.  Every time I type it, I recite it.
What are some of your favorite methods for memorizing Scripture?

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