Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Ransom by MaryLu Tyndall

As a member of MaryLu’s Motley Crew, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to my Captain for sending me a copy of "The Ransom" in exchange for an honest review. I am truly grateful for the privilege of supporting a wonderful author who loves Christ and doesn’t shy away from presenting Him in her books!  Huzzah!

“The Ransom” by MaryLu Tyndall is a luminous treasure!  Overflowing with rich plot twists, sparkling humor, exotic settings and brilliantly crafted characters, this crown jewel of a novel is the long-awaited fourth offering in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series.  “The Ransom” reads beautifully as a stand-alone novel.  The other books in the series (The Redemption, The Reliance and The Restitution) are wonderful, and I highly recommend them as well.

Miss Juliana Dutton is living a lie!  Following in her deceased mother’s footsteps, she has a heart for the less fortunate of Port Royal, Jamaica and frequently cares for their needs, but her father’s failing health has forced her to take on the task of running the family shipping business with no help from her flighty drunkard brother who has a gambling problem!  She is also dealing with the attentions of three men:  the obnoxious Captain Nichols, the foppish Lord Munthrope and the dashing and dangerous Pirate Earl!

Captain Nichols wants it all - Juliana’s affections and the head of the Pirate Earl!  Juliana, wanting nothing to do with the arrogant Captain, accepts a proposition from Lord Munthrope that will hopefully dissuade the Captain from pursuing her further.  Lord Munthrope hopes to win over Juliana’s affections as they spend time together because of their bargain.  But Juliana’s heart beats a bit faster whenever she encounters the Pirate Earl, who always seems to show up as her protector when she needs the Lord’s deliverance the most.  The notorious Pirate has watched Juliana from afar since she arrived in Jamaica.  He is touched by her kindness and genuine caring for the undesirables of Port Royal, so he has appointed himself her protector as she endeavors into the seedier parts of the city to care for her friends.  This has given her the reputation of being the “Pirate Earl’s Lady”, a title that simultaneously thrills and repulses her!

 “The Ransom” is crafted as meticulously as one of Shakespeare’s comedies and detailed as richly.  The scenes play out so crisply in the mind’s eye, I can’t help but feel this novel (and the others in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series) would make a wonderful film!

What a beautiful picture of Christ this novel paints.  When Jesus came to earth, He was rejected because many saw Him as the foppish Lord Munthrope, weak and mad.  But there were a select few who saw Him as the strong and protective Pirate Earl!  My prayer is that those who read this amazing novel will see the Lord Jesus as a strong, caring and sensitive protector who put Himself in harm’s way to save our very souls!  And that the realization will draw us to a place where we cannot spend enough time in His presence.

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