Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Malachi – Week Seven

The Promise of Pirouetting Livestock (Malachi 3:13-4:6)

This week’s study asked the question:  How does Christ’s second coming influence my daily perspective?

Do you resemble your Heavenly Father?  I don’t always look like Him.  Where are your struggles?  Are you bringing those struggles to Him?  Are you asking Him to reveal the root causes of those struggles so you can pray for His help when they surface?  I need to work on these things, too.  At least we have a starting point, now.

This hasn’t been my favorite study.  I feel like I’ve read Scripture from everywhere BUT the book of Malachi.  Not that I think it’s bad to study multiple Scriptures when concentrating on a book, but I feel like I’ve only studied Malachi conceptually.  Still valuable, but I wanted to know Malachi better than I do.

This week’s activity involved planning a reunion with your small group within the next month.  But I ask you to please return next week as we begin Chuck Missler’s study of the book of Revelation.  You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

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