Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Nehemiah: a heart that can break by Kelly Minter – Week Seven

All of the homework is done.  There’s one last video to watch and then it’s all about putting what we’ve learned into practice.  Hopefully, you’re already doing that.  My own life has changed dramatically since Week One.  My heart and mind are changed.  I pray that change will be reflected in my walk with Christ, that others will see and ask me why I have the hope that I have so that I can point them to Him!

I have celebrated each week’s completion by making the recipes Kelly included in the study workbook.  They were incredible!  I just hope I take more away from this study than just my new staple enchilada recipe!

The session seven video tied it all together.  I pray that I will not forget Nehemiah and his heart for God.  I pray that I will not read the name Jerusalem in Scripture or hear it on the news without thinking about his faithfulness to do God’s will.  I pray that I will remember that the New Jerusalem is coming, and it is a city built of people, not of bricks!  Hallelujah!!!

Even though this study is over, you’ll want to come back next week because we are beginning a study on Revelation by Sue Edwards!  You do not want to miss it!

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