Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Revelation Study by Sue Edwards

First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Sue Edwards and her publisher for sending me a copy of "Revelation:  Discovering Life for Today and Eternity" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.

“Revelation: Discovering Life for Today and Eternity” is a Discover Together Bible Study by Sue Edwards. The nine lessons cover the first three and last two chapters of the book of Revelation, concentrating on the letters to the churches as representatives of churches today.  Each lesson contains a QR Code that, when you scan it with your smart phone, will lead you to a video teaching segment with Sue Edwards.  You can also view these videos online.  The website also contains leader guides for the Bible studies that are valuable assets if you are leading a small group study of the material.

The format of the study is extremely flexible.  You can simply answer the general study questions to complete the study on a basic level or you can choose to also complete the Dig Deeper exercises that will intensify your study.  Each week also has a suggested Scripture for memorization.  The study is laid out in such a way that the student answers questions to grasp the details of what Christ’s praise and criticism to each church really means.

I’ve studied the book of Revelation several times, but I am floored by what I have learned from this study!  At first I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be studying the entire book, but quickly realized that this Bible study is just the right size and focusing on just the right material.  The questions are thought-provoking and the material has deep life applications.  I highly recommend it for personal or small group study.

Beginning September 11, 2013, I will be blogging extensively on each week of this study.  I’d love it if you’d stop by my blog then so we can study Revelation together.

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