Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – Hour 2 – Genesis 1-3

The Creation and the Fall of Man

WOW!  Another incredibly scientific lesson was presented in this hour.  Our facilitator assures us that this will not be the case for every week of study.  Genesis is fascinating.  The timing for this aspect of the study is perfect since we are also studying Genesis in BSF this year.

Do you subscribe to the creation taking place in six literal days?  The Stretch Factor is a fascinating concept introduced by Dr. Gerard Schroeder that explains how creation could have taken place in six days!  We also learned several scientific indicators that the earth is young.

One of the more fascinating things I learned this week was regarding the words “erev” and “boker”.  Several times in the creation story occurs the phrase “…and there was evening and there was morning…”  “Erev” means “obscurity, disorder” and has come to mean “evening”.  “Boker” means “orderly, discernable” and has come to mean “morning”.  So, the idea is that there was disorder and the Lord worked to create order and the first (second, third, etc.) day was done.

We also learned about dimensions of reality, irreducible complexity, the laws of thermodynamics and thermal decay.  This is truly a thinking man’s Bible study.  It reminds me how intelligent my God is, and that I have the potential to be a greater thinker than I am currently practicing.

Homework for next week is to read Genesis 4-11.  I am going to start listening to “The Bible Experience” to accomplish the Bible reading homework each week.

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