Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Crown Financial Bible Study – Week Seven – Work

What I learned from the homework – God intended work to be a blessing.  The concept of work was instituted in the Garden of Eden PRIOR to the fall.  So, this should tell us that work wasn’t meant to be a punishment.  Work was made more difficult after the fall, but it was part of God’s plan for man and woman from the beginning.

Re-reading Proverbs 31 has taught me this week that women in the workplace was part of God’s plan.  I have wasted too much time resenting the fact that I have never been able to be a career homemaker.  Now, I can tell you that God has completely orchestrated my career path and every job I’ve ever held.  I have gotten to know Him in unimaginable ways because of work.  And, after experiencing 13 months of unemployment several years ago, I appreciate work so much more.

Changes I have made/need to make – This week significantly impacted our entire class.  Granted, our group is very small, and that lends itself to magnificent discussion.  Personally, I love my job, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember that I work for Christ, and I have to make a point of reminding myself.

Memorizing Scripture – Colossians 3:23-24 teaches us that we serve Christ, not men.  So we should work heartily and passionately and with integrity.  That can be quite challenging at times.

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