Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crown Financial Bible Study – Week Eight – Investing

What I learned from the homework – Ants are wise:  storing up food in times of prosperity for use in leaner seasons.  Just like the story of Joseph and Pharaoh’s dream of fat cows and lean cows…

What I learned from our class discussion – We need to do our homework on our investments and not put all of our eggs in one basket.  We need to diversify our investments.  But, most importantly, we need to trust God more than the investments we choose.  Ultimately, all prosperity comes from Him!

What I learned from watching the video – It was suggested that, once the student reaches Destination 4 on the Money Map, they begin to save and invest regularly.

Changes I have made/need to make – I haven’t been terribly faithful with the saving part, but my investing part more than makes up for it.  However, since my investing is mostly in a work-sponsored 401(k) that can’t be touched until retirement age, I need to increase my habit of saving to my accounts that can be accessed readily.

Memorizing Scripture – Memorizing Proverbs 21:5 brought more to mind than just finances.  In fact, “steady plodding brings prosperity” reminded me of my journey through cancer treatment in 2010.  When I was that frightened, my focus was honed on God so intensely and I gripped Him so tightly that I just let Him lead and kept putting one foot in front of the other until we finished treatment in 2011 and received clean test results.  That steady plodding definitely brought prosperity.  And it was a witness of courageous living to others who were watching me.

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