Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crown Financial Bible Study – Week Four – Counsel

What I learned from the homework – Having a variety of counselors can help you make decisions by offering a perspective that’s different from your own.  But your primary source of counsel is the Word of God!

What I learned from our class discussion – Pride and mistrust keep people from seeking out counsel – especially in financial matters.  We should seek our spouse’s opinion as a primary source of counsel.  Our parents should also be on our list of counselors.  Non-believers can also be our counselors if they are the subject matter experts who are educating us.

Changes I have made/need to make – I need to broaden the base of people I count as counselors.  I need to seek God’s direction to identify the people He wants me to include in that group.

Memorizing Scripture – Proverbs 12:15 is a wonderful verse!  I don’t want to be wise in my own eyes.  I do want to obey God’s Word and seek the counsel of the people He puts in my path.  I don’t want to forget that I should be seeking the Lord’s counsel first and foremost.

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