Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fresh: Reviving Stale Faith - Week Two

Pastor Kerry’s “Fresh” teaching this second week of study on the “Strategy for Meditation” was incredible. Building upon the foundation he began last week, he explained that there is no “formula” for meditation. Every person’s relationship with God is unique which will have an effect on their meditation. He does go on to explain his four Rs approach: Read, Recite, Remember, Reflect it. This sounds a bit like a formula to me. However, I can definitely see how you may begin using Kerry’s 4 Rs and it will evolve into your own thing. So, perhaps strategy is a better word.

After watching this video and engaging in class discussion, I was motivated to record the scripture verses found in the workbook onto index cards and begin memorizing. I am praying that the Lord will help me to memorize the verses and the accompanying addresses so that His Word will be hidden in my heart that I might not sin against Him. And a miraculous thing has been happening: He is helping me to memorize His Word!

Praise God! His manna is mmm-mmm-good! I suggest memorizing His Word. Start with the verses of scripture showcased in this study.

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