Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fresh: Reviving Stale Faith - Week Three

The “Fresh” topic for the third week of study is the “Purpose and Power of Fasting”. When we fast, a spiritual hunger for God’s Word is awakened. Fasting feeds my spirit, cleanses my body, reveals my sin and awakens my compassion. One of the scripture verses referenced this week was Luke 9:23. Look it up. It’s a quote from Jesus that if we come after Him, we must take up our crosses daily, deny ourselves and follow Him. Denying oneself requires discipline. Sometimes we need to tell ourselves “no.” I don’t do this enough. Do you? When was the last time you denied yourself?

Pastor Kerry gave a good tip in this week’s video: make the rules of your fast before you begin. Knowing the boundaries is crucial. Also remember that fasting is between you and God.

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