Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #6, Day #5

From Apathy to Action. What a great topic for a final study! I can’t believe that six weeks is already up. I pray that I’ve learned a few new habits. Nehemiah 1:3-6, 11. Areas of weakness and brokenness exist where there should be protection for God’s people. As I mentioned yesterday, we are weak where we should be strong because we aren’t creating disciples. The process of becoming a disciple on your own is doable, but it is frustrating and takes a long time. I’ve been there.

It saddens me that the body of Christ is in this condition and this lesson has prompted me to pray about it. God wants us to live powerful lives in His name. He has given us a Spirit of power, not timidity. And I believe that this is a prayer He longs to answer for His children. I am willing to pray day and night for this power to be manifested in God’s people, but as a “fat and happy” and free American, I know that I lack the discipline and desperation to do so without God’s help.

So, I pray right now, Lord, that You would fill me with the urgency and the passion to make this my mission: to pray day and night that Your people would be strengthened and empowered to walk in Christ and live in such a powerful way that cannot be ignored. I ask that You would give me opportunities to encourage and teach and learn that would glorify You in this way. In the majestic name of Christ. Amen.

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