Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #5, Day #3

I am necessary. Romans 12:4-6. I am part of the body of Christ. God has given me specific gifts to use within the body. I belong to Christ and to the other members of the body because God’s plan makes us interdependent upon each other.

I see this set of verses as a word picture of a puzzle with human participants as the pieces. We fit together and our gifts compliment each other’s. It’s fascinating that God designed us that way. He doesn’t need us at all, but He made each of us a standalone masterpiece that belongs to the other masterpieces He created through the gifts that He gave us.

Prior to today, I knew I belonged to Him, but I never thought about belonging to the other members of His body. We had a nice talk about that this morning on the way to work.

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