Wednesday, June 09, 2010

REVIEW: Lonestar Homecoming by Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble’s “Lonestar Homecoming” is a completely engaging sensory education as well as a terrific romance with a healthy dose of suspense! Gracie has run out on her wedding. With her little girl, Hope, in tow, she escapes to West Texas in search of a job. When she arrives, she discovers that the job she was counting on is no longer available. But before she has the chance to lose hope, she is presented with a new possibility caring for the children of a soldier who has recently returned to The States from Iraq.

With each of their pasts chasing them, Michael and Gracie quickly learn that they complete each other…in a practical way, anyhow. So an alliance is forged that seems to solve everyone’s problems. But feelings surface that turn this business deal into something much more personal. This wonderfully romantic and suspenseful read introduced me to synesthesia, a condition where sounds or words or numbers have a color and sometimes a taste for the person who experiences it. Coble has created several characters that I will revisit from time to time, and has added depth and dimension to a setting that I have called a home away from home on several occasions. This book definitely has a place on my keeper shelf!

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