Friday, June 04, 2010

Bible Study: As It Was In The Beginning - Genesis - Chapter 31

Please forgive this rough draft format, as these are my raw study notes on the book of Genesis. I felt a great sense of urgency to publish them rather than waiting until I had the time to pretty them up. Thank you and I pray that God blesses you through this material.


Take a few minutes to savor Genesis Chapter 31. Then return here and ponder the thoughts, answer the questions, and be sure to leave comments about your own revelations…

31:1 – Laban’s sons indicate that it’s time for Jacob to leave.

31:2 – Laban’s attitude indicates that it’s time for Jacob to leave.

31:3 – The Lord tells Jacob it’s time to leave.

31:14-16 – Rachel and Leah indicate that it’s time to leave.

31:18 – Isaac is still alive! Esau would have had to wait a really long time to kill Jacob. See 27:41.

31:19 – Rachel stealing Laban’s household idols offers further evidence of her lack of relationship with God.

31:24-30 – The Lord spoke to Laban in a dream, but Laban didn’t obey God.

31:38-42 – Jacob has grown up. He is standing up for himself. When we’re being obedient (as Jacob was obeying God to leave), it’s easier to defend our actions.

31:42 – How did Jacob know God rebuked Laban?

What attributes of God have you observed in your study today? How will this change your relationship with Him?

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