Saturday, February 06, 2010

WANTED: Prayer Warriors

Am I alone in this thinking? Or are other Christians experiencing the same sense of urgency that I am? We are at war. The battle is raging to spread the Gospel message. When you watch the news or read the paper, it appears as though the enemy is winning. The unemployment rate is on the rise. Foreclosures are everywhere. It seems to require a lot of searching to come across any good news. But that is exactly what Christians are equipped with – THE GOOD NEWS. We need to spread it everywhere we can!

We also need to be praying. “For what?” you might ask. God has already won the ultimate victory, so what can we possibly be praying for? I’ll share what I am asking of God in my prayer time:

· That the Word of God and the Gospel message would spread throughout the earth like wildfire!

· That the Gospel would be received and embraced by everyone in accordance with God’s will.

· That God’s people would be protected, develop intense warrior-like prayer lives, grow in number exponentially, and glorify God with whatever time we have left on this earth.

· That Jesus would come quickly to take us home.

I’d love to hear how you’re praying. Leave a comment with your battle plan.

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