Monday, May 25, 2009

REVIEW: Bon Appetit by Sandra Byrd

Here is my review of this wonderful novel:

Sandra Byrd enchants the Francophile within with her novel, “Bon Appetit”! This is the delightful continuation of Lexi’s story that began in “Let Them Eat Cake”. This time, she is in Paris working for her former boss’ (Luc’s) family bakery and going to a prestigious school to learn baking techniques from French masters. France is fabulous, but Lexi misses home. Her relationship with Dan had barely begun when she left for Europe. And sometimes it’s difficult to fit in with the new crowd. Some, however, have welcomed her with open arms, like Philippe and Celine. Will Philippe steal Lexi’s heart? Will France?

This is a fabulous read! Walking beside Lexi, I relived my childhood challenges of frequent moves and having to make new friends. I also learned a bit about French culture. I could almost taste the pastry as I read. The recipes included in the book helped. I fell in love with several more characters. And, because of the cliffhanger in this book, I absolutely cannot wait until the release of book three in the fall of 2009!

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