Monday, May 04, 2009

Getting Comfy: Ice Breakers #8 - Purse Scavenger Hunt

May 4th is my Grandmother's birthday, and I was always amazed by the things she would pull out of her purse. I was even more amazed that she found what she was looking for in there! The Purse Scavenger Hunt is one of my favorite ice breakers! So, in honor of my Grandma's birthday, here is your Ice Breaker activity for May.

One icebreaker that can be fun is a scavenger hunt for things you have in your purse or on your person. The ideas are as boundless as the items in your purse. At our last retreat, we used this and took points away for anyone who had the entire weekly newsletter with them - unread. This brought on a lot of laughter because our church makes a sincere attempt at eliminating announcements from the Sunday service and relies on the newsletter to communicate all that info.

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