Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things I Write On The Blank “Notes” Pages Of My Bible – A Finger Labyrinth

I adore labyrinths! I think they are not only beautiful, but also serve to focus me when my thoughts are scrambled through the influence of circumstances. Many people walk through labyrinths praying or meditating on scripture. It is a calming exercise.

The choice to draw one in my Bible was a no-brainer! I was reading Kristen Heitzmann’s book “The Edge of Recall,” a Christian suspense novel about a labyrinth architect while I was at a women’s retreat where there was a labyrinth (although I never saw it while I was there). When I returned home, I did some research on labyrinths and found a simple finger labyrinth that I printed and used to trace into my Notes pages. Now, whenever I want to walk a labyrinth, I open my Bible and let my fingers do the walking!

Now if I could only talk my husband into building me my own labyrinth in our backyard…

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