Sunday, April 05, 2009

Getting Comfy: Ice Breakers #14 - Easter Egg Prayer

Easter is on April 12th this year. Here is an idea for prayer within your group to celebrate Easter as well.

Although not officially an Ice Breaker, this can be a wonderful bonding exercise. As the ladies enter the Bible study/book group/other gathering, hand them each a plastic egg with a blank slip of paper in it. Explain that they are to write their name and one prayer request on the slip of paper inside the egg. When they're done, have them place the egg in a basket on the table where they are sitting. Or you can collect all eggs into one basket, depending on the size of your gathering. Before the ladies leave, have each woman choose an egg that is not her own. Tell the ladies that they are to pray for the woman and her prayer request until the next meeting. At the next meeting, have them follow up with one another.

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