Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things I Write On The Blank “Notes” Pages Of My Bible – A Method of Bible Study

If you have a documented method for studying the Bible on your own, you will be consistent in your study. Also, as long as you have your Bible, a notebook and a pen or pencil, you’ve got everything you need to have a serious one-on-One with the Lord! You don’t always have to use a study guide developed by someone else. There are several methods of personal Bible study suggested on the internet and in books and magazines if you need suggestions. Here is a basic method I use.

Approach the Word first with prayer - ask the Lord to reveal His truth to you and give you practical application for what He wants you to learn. You may want to take a few minutes to ask Him to reveal to you any sins you need to confess so that you will not encounter obstructions in your study time. I’m taking this a step further right now and asking that He will use our study time together to equip me to share the gospel with others.

Choose a passage – I’m not a big supporter of opening the Bible to random passages. I prefer to choose a book for a specific reason. I’m dealing with complaining, read Numbers. I want to persevere as I await Christ’s return, read 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Jude, etc. I have a taste for prophecy, there’s much to choose from. Sometimes I’m less ambitious, so I choose a short book like Obadiah or Jude. Or I need to be saturated in the love of Christ so I choose the gospel of John. The point is, on my own, I will study a whole book! Usually a chapter at a time, sometimes more sometimes less – it depends on how much text is included in a thought, event or concept. I just finished Jude and am starting Obadiah.

Journaling – get a notebook for your study. Jot down any questions you may have about the passage – you can use other resources to find answers, later. Write out a particularly impacting verse and what you think God is trying to tell you in the verse. Make note of how the verse applies to your current circumstances. Write out a prayer using the verse, if possible.

Memorization – memorize the verse you wrote about. Make the address (i.e. John 3:16) your computer password or screen saver banner or cell phone banner. Whenever you see it or type it, recite the verse. You’ll have it down in no time!

End in prayer – be sure to thank the Lord for what He’s taught you and ask Him to empower you to be changed because of what you’ve studied.

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