Thursday, January 01, 2009

Getting Comfy: Ice Breakers #3 - Healthy Goals

Now that the New Year is well underway and we're looking for a way to break our New Year's Resolutions, here is a healthy goals Ice Breaker for your small group.

Today's idea comes from the book, "Jump Starts and Soft Landings," by Steve Sheely.* This icebreaker is a great way to start off the New Year in your ministry. It encourages healthy goal setting as well as relationship building.

How healthy are you? What do you do to stay healthy? What do you need to do to become healthier? Our health is important because it directly affects the quality of our lives and our ability to serve God. This Jump Start can be very helpful because you can discuss health-related goals and even hold one another accountable if your group chooses to do so. Answer the following questions and take turns sharing your answers. Then share ways to become healthier.
1. During the last 24 hours, I consumed the following:
Dairy Products
Junk Food

2. My sleep habits during the past week could best be described as:
Restful - I woke up refreshed and ready to go.
Adequate - My sleep was good enough to get me by.
Insufficient - I didn't sleep well or sleep enough.

3. My exercise habits during the past month could best be described as:
Tremendous - I worked out four or more times each week.
Pretty good - I worked out two or three times a week.
Okay - I worked out once or twice a week last month.
Lousy - I hardly exercised at all last month.

4. On a scale of 0 to 10, my stress level lately has been:
0 = I'm so tense I'm spitting battery acid.
10 = I’m so relaxed people call me Raggedy Ann/Andy.

5. Recently, I've been known to partake in:
Caffeinated drinks
Tobacco products
Alcoholic beverages
Other products I should probably avoid

6. To be healthier, I need to:

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