Sunday, January 04, 2009

Comments on WORD up!

As I was preparing to leave the house to run errands yesterday, I got the distinct foreboding and excited feeling that the end really is near. Perhaps this is due to the start of our study in Revelation on Friday! Before you know it, we will meet Jesus in the clouds and be transformed into our eternal forms. We will form ranks and bodily join the spiritual war that is going on around us at this very minute!

So, I prayed about this blog...that God would use it if He wishes, and I believe in my heart that He is instructing me to make it as self-sufficient as possible. i.e. not need me to moderate comments because the time is coming when I will not be here to do so, and those who read these words may need to communicate with each other somehow.

So, here we go. Comments will now post immediately. I will still check up to make sure that this area remains long as I am here. :)

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