Friday, September 29, 2006

I wonder

I was just glancing through my notebook of Bible study notes and came across Ephesians 6. It makes me wonder…

I wrote that I saw chapter 6 as a progression from child to parent to bondservant to warrior. I wonder if God folded the Tuesday night Bible study that I was leading so I could become less “parent” and more “bondservant.” The reality is this: in order to have a more fulfilling Christian life, we MUST grow and progress… Not only are we at war RIGHT NOW, but a much greater battle draws nearer everyday.

I take that back. The greatest battle is NOW! We need to win souls!!! The battle that is coming has already been WON! Hallelujah!!! We do need to prepare for war. But everyday we allow to pass without growing in spiritual strength is another day that the enemy gains ground…

We must stop making excuses – we’re weak, we’re shy, we don’t know the Bible…


Do you know Jesus? If so, you have direct access to God, The Father, The King of the Universe. So quit making excuses and start praying…

…for strength
…for courage
…for knowledge of the Bible
…for every soul currently bound by the enemy to be freed and become ravenous for God. Pray that these lost souls would find no satisfaction in worldly pleasures, but come face-to-face with someone who knows Jesus who will share the Gospel in an understandable way and that this lost soul will come home. Pray that the lost souls won’t waste another moment, but accept Jesus as Lord and Savior immediately, then proceed to spread the Good News like wildfire!

If you don’t know Jesus, yet, but you managed to find your way to this place and read this entire post, I know that you’re meant to know Him! It’s time to pray. You can say the prayer I’ve included below:

Dear Jesus, I admit that I’m a sinner.
I am sorry for my sin, and I want You to forgive me.
I thank You for dying on the cross so that I can be forgiven.
I ask You to come into my heart right now and change me.
Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

Now, you should find a Bible and read the Gospel of John a few times so you can really know how much Jesus loves you. Stop by a Christian Book Store and ask someone there to help you find a Bible that you can enjoy reading. Then find a church you can attend. Don’t be afraid to talk to the Pastors. Ask questions. Look for opportunities to be with other Christians so you can learn about Jesus. Welcome to the family!