Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Forgive me? Forgive me not...

Forgiveness… How difficult is it to do? Before you answer, consider this:

The Bible doesn’t say we should only forgive certain offenses!!! WE ARE INSTRUCTED TO FORGIVE EVERYTHING!

Think about that…

Murder robbery torture rape betrayal incest cruelty lies infidelity treason assault battery Slander abuse neglect sabotage defamation

I would have a hard time forgiving some of the above. Jesus doesn’t have a hard time with that. It breaks His heart, but He forgives it all.

I recently read “Presumed Guilty” by James Scott Bell. It’s about a mega-church preacher accused of murdering a porn actress. As the story unfolds, you learn that he has had affairs with two women…

Could I forgive? I don’t know, but Jesus can.

…and he’s been addicted to pornography…

I think I could forgive (as long as it wasn’t children…). Don’t misunderstand. I am certainly no saint! I need forgiveness, too…couldn’t live without it.

Are you waiting for a “but…”?

There isn’t one.

As a human being, tainted by sin, I’m incapable of bestowing forgiveness upon any individual whose sins I have the audacity to label “unforgivable”. Thank God that Jesus lives in me!

His death on the cross forgave all sins. Say that aloud a few times…until you really believe it. ALL SINS!

It doesn’t change the fact that I hate being lied to; or that I’d be tempted to divorce my husband if I found out that he’d had an affair. But I hope that the Lord would remind me that, even though these things injure my pride, they can be forgiven. We just need to allow Jesus to do the forgiving through us.


After all, if He can forgive me, who am I to deny forgiveness to anyone else?