Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Eden: The Animals' Parable by Keith Korman

Eden: The Animals' Parable

by Keith Korman  

Biblical Fiction
Liberty Island Media

"Ask the animals, and they will teach you." ---Job 12:7
Experience the Gospels in a way you never imagined.
In this beautifully inspired retelling of the Gospels, we see Jesus and his disciples in the Holy Land through the eyes of the animals---especially his intrepid and loyal dog, Eden.
With a wise, old donkey, innocent lambs, and legions of curious field mice---the animals follow their master's journey across Galilee and onto Jerusalem, rapt with awe and wonder and bearing great tidings---even if they don't fully comprehend the divine events they witness.
Simple, clear, and spiritually profound, Eden is an artful retelling that is captivating, moving, and alive with the joy you felt the first time you opened the Bible.

 Meet the Author
Keith Korman is an American literary agent and novelist. Over the years he has represented many nationally known clients through his family's agency, Raines & Raines. The agency is most noted for representing the following books: The Detective, Deliverance, Die Hard, Cruising, My Dog Skip, How to Eat Fried Worms, and Forrest Gump. Korman's novels include Secret Dreams, Banquo's Ghosts (with Rich Lowry), and END TIME (Macmillan, August 2015).

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Here's my review of this amazing read:

First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Keith Korman and his publisher for sending me a copy of "Eden: The Animals' Parable" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.
'Eden: The Animals' Parable' by Keith Korman is an engaging read that will touch the hearts and minds of young and old alike.  This is the story of Christ’s life told from the perspective of His dog, Eden.  Reading this book has actually added to the dimension of how I see my Savior because I’ve contemplated things I never considered before, like how it would feel to have your fur stroked by the Creator of the Universe.
This is a wonderful book for out-loud bedtime reading for any age group.  For me, it has helped to flesh out my view of Jesus Christ and added to my enjoyment and study of Scripture, particularly the Gospel of John which I’m studying right now.  I highly recommend this book for personal reading, book groups and bedtime stories.

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