Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nehemiah: a heart that can break by Kelly Minter – Week Five

God rescues us.  He loves us as we are and changes us to be more like His Precious Son.  He gave us His Word to give us life!  His Word washes truth over us.  Recently, I was reading in Revelation and came across the verse that says Jesus’ name is the Word of God.  Jesus is God’s Word.  God gave us Jesus to give us life!  Jesus washes truth over us!  Hallelujah.

This week, my idea of confession has changed a bit.  For years I have only thought of confession in the context of admitting my sin to God (or another person).  Now, my view has expanded to include the idea of confessing God’s character in worship of Him and in testifying to others.  I need to praise Him to break patterns of bad behavior.

Kelly also reminded me that the older I get, the more history I have with God so I have that much more evidence of His faithfulness to me which can be used as ammunition against the devil’s schemes!  Hallelujah!  She presented a couple of other thought-provoking thoughts.  First, it’s crazy for us to believe what we haven’t been promised and it’s equally crazy not to believe what we have been promised.  This makes me realize that I’ve said again and again that I need to know what God has promised me, and I still don’t.  How about you?

Second, the Word of God is a mirror for me.  Am I gazing into it?  What needs to change?

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