Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – Hour 24 – Genesis-Revelation

This epic Bible study has come full-circle.  I am surprised at how quickly 24 weeks have passed.  This final hour was an overview of the entire study and showcased a handful of concepts that were introduced throughout the 24 hours.  Of particular interest to me was the reiteration of the “History of the English Bible”.  My curiosity was ignited to do more research in this area after a co-worker (seemingly out of the blue) asked me about the best translation of the Bible and the chart from the study notes popped into my head, but I realized that I couldn’t explain it.  I suppose that means I didn’t really learn the material.

I took it as a hint from the Lord that He had something to teach me on this subject, so I did my research and felt sad that the NIV that I’ve loved since I first became a Christian over 30 years ago was derived from corrupted sources.  Then Jesus turned the light on.  He’s been teaching me from that text for over 30 years IN SPITE OF ITS CORRUPTED SOURCE!  Hallelujah!  God truly is powerful.

Dr. Missler concludes this hour with a beautiful view of our Savior, Jesus, inspired by Pastor S.D. Lockridge.  I am so glad that the text of this reading was included in the supplemental notes for the study.  Whenever I get too cocky and forget how majestic my Lord is, all I have to do is read these words and true perspective will be restored.

Our study group plans to take a short (two week) break and jump right back in with Dr. Missler’s 24-Hour study on the book of Revelation.  I cannot wait!  I’m planning to use the KJV during this study just to see if it will improve my vocabulary and how God will speak through it.

No more homework.  We’ve completed another study!  Hallelujah!  Next week, we will begin discussing Kelly Minter’s study on Nehemiah.  It is a life-changer.  Don’t miss it!

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