Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – Hour 22 – Revelation 1-3

The Once and Future Church

The book of Revelation is the consummation of all things.  It presents the climax of God’s plan for mankind.  It is the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing to the reader and hearer of its prophecy.  The first three chapters provide a description of Christ, an outline for the structure of the book and the seven letters to the seven churches.

Dr. Missler challenges the audience to make a list of all the “sevens” in the book of Revelation.  He begins that list for us as he teaches this material.  Since our small group is planning to take two weeks off, then begin his 24 Hours in Revelation study, I think I should start assembling my list, now.

So, the outline of the book of Revelation is as follows:  Jesus instructed John to write what he has seen (Christ’s description – chapter 1), the things that are (the seven churches – chapters 2, 3) and the things that will be (what follows after the churches – Chapters 4-22).

I cannot wait to go through Dr. Missler’s in-depth teaching on the book of Revelation.  I just finished a nine-week study on the churches and the New Jerusalem which added to the knowledge I’ve accumulated from previous studies and Dr. Missler’s teaching presented additional material that I don’t recall learning before.  He created a prophetic profile between the seven churches and the seven kingdom parables of Matthew 13 – FASCINATING!  He parallels these seven churches with seven churches to which Paul preached.

This is incredible stuff.  I would like to spend more time on each topic we touch on.  But I suppose that’s what Dr. Missler’s more concentrated studies are for.  This is also supposed to whet the student’s appetite to study certain topics on their own.

Have you gone through “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours”?  Has it prompted you to study anything on your own?  I’d love to hear about it!

Homework for next time:  Revelation 4-22

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