Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – Hour 16 – The Final Week of Christ’s Life

The Final Week of Christ’s life begins on a Friday in Bethany, continues with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Saturday, the Last Supper on Tuesday and the Crucifixion on Wednesday.  There are many fascinating evidences for a Wednesday crucifixion.  Thank you, Dr. Missler, for reminding me that I must search the Scriptures daily and not take what I hear from others to be the absolute truth.

Dr. Missler discloses the many illegalities of the Jewish and Roman trials of Christ.  There is some very remarkable teaching about Pontius Pilate and Barabbas as well.  You must tune in to this video teaching to learn how the resurrection is tied to the resting of Noah’s ark!  It’s incredible.

My favorite part of this week’s message is Chuck Missler’s thoughts on why the people who knew Christ best didn’t recognize Him after He was resurrected.  According to Scripture, the Lord’s beard was ripped out.  Do you know anyone who’s had a beard for a long time then shaved it off?  They’re barely recognizable!  Imagine the scars that would be borne by one who had his beard ripped out!  No wonder Mary Magdelene thought Jesus was the gardener!

Homework for next time:  Read the book of Acts

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