Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – Hour 13 – The Messianic Thread

How Sure Can We Be?  There are more than 1800 prophecies in Scripture.  The Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek 270 years before Christ.  Those Scriptures contain over 300 prophecies regarding the coming Messiah.

In this week’s video teaching, Dr. Missler examines eight of those prophecies and estimates the probability of any random person fulfilling that prophecy.  After looking at the prophecies individually, the probability of one random individual fulfilling all of them is unfathomable.  I am more certain that Jesus is the Christ than I ever was before!

Now what am I going to do with that certainty?  What are you doing with your certainty?  We need to be sharing Christ with others in word and deed.  Pray for the opportunity.

There is no homework for next time.  But maybe we should come up with a plan for sharing our certainty in Christ.  Next week, we’ll take an overview of the New Testament prior to breaking down the lessons by book.

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