Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – Hour 8 – Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs

The Poetical Books

Some of the most powerfully life-changing Scripture I have encountered is found in these books.  There is a Psalm for every situation you could ever need to pray about.  The wisdom found in the book of Proverbs is timeless.  Song of Songs is a beautiful depiction of love.

I actually missed the class at church for this lesson, but I found the video online and played it on my television.  That is one thing I love about technology: you can find almost anything on YouTube!  This was an incredible lesson.

From the teaching on Job, I learned that I want to be like Elihu.  He was an intercessor and an encourager and a truth-teller, unlike Job’s “friends” who judged him.  I also learned that Satan has a dangerous arsenal of tools at his disposal to trip us up, but he can’t do anything without God’s permission.  That is such a comfort!  Also, did you know the book of Job talks about dinosaurs?  Check out Job 40 and 41.

Several specific Psalms are showcased in the teaching.  And the profile of the Messiah from the Psalms is revealed.  We also studied the breakdown of the Psalms by author and type.  This was a pretty good overview of this wonderful book of praise and prayer.

The teaching on Proverbs was too brief.  Dr. Missler did give some good teaching on Proverbs 31, though.  The teaching on Ecclesiastes was also very brief, but knowing that these weren’t the rantings of a pessimistic man, but rather a glimpse of what really matters, has whet my whistle to read this book again.

I have loved reading Song of Songs for many years.  I never dreamed that our female lead might be Abishag, the beautiful young woman who was chosen to lie beside David to keep him warm in his old age.  Fascinating!

Oh, and a final thought about reading all of these passages to prepare for class each week…  Having an audio Bible is wonderful!  I can listen to the passages multiple times throughout the week while I’m driving or working.

Homework for next time:  Daniel.  This might be my favorite book of Scripture.  I can’t wait!

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