Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – Hour 5 – Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

The Birth of the Nation

Hour 5 reminds me of my first year in BSF where we studied The Life of Moses.  And, as I am different today than I was when I last studied these books, I have learned a few more tidbits.  One of which is the Levitical symbolism of the burning bush:  the bush is an acacia thorn bush that is burning but isn’t consumed.  Thorns represent sin, the fire represents judgment and the translation of the visual is as follows:  God judges sin but doesn’t consume the repentant sinner.

Probably the most breath-stealing truth I learned this week was about Egypt.  As a “type” of the World, Egypt was rich in material wealth and power.  It was ruled by a despotic prince, a “type” of Satan.  Egypt was steeped in fleshly wisdom and false religion.  It was organized on force, ambition and pleasure.  Egypt’s people persecuted the people of God.  Egypt was overthrown by divine judgment.  Let this soak in for a moment.  Does this profile sound a bit like Rome before it fell?  Is it just my opinion or do you think the United States resembles this “type” as well?  Praise Jesus, we have the example of His Word and the stories of how God rescued His people out of the nation He was preparing to judge.  His faithfulness removes my fear of what my country is heading for.

Another couple of tidbits came from the Ten Commandments.  Chuck Missler taught that the command to not take the name of the Lord in vain is about ambassadorship, not vocabulary.  That’s different than what I’ve been taught my whole life.  Another thought regarding the command, “thou shalt not murder”:  John the Baptist began his ministry in the womb at 9 inches long and 1.5 pounds when he jumped for joy at Mary’s greeting of his mother, Elizabeth.

The law was given to expose our sin nature, to incite the sin nature to sin more, to drive us to despair of our own effort and to drive us to depend on the Holy Spirit alone.  Hallelujah!  The law’s purpose is to open our eyes to the necessity of grace and mercy.

There is much more treasure unearthed in this hour:  like the discovery of a land bridge that supports Mt. Sinai being located in Arabia; the symbolism of the precious metals used to craft the tabernacle was fascinating.

And yes, there is much more!  With regard to Christ’s second coming, I have been presented with a new possibility.  First, let me say that I fully believe that we cannot know when Christ is returning for His people.  We are to be prepared at any moment for His imminent return.  Up until this hour, I believed that the rapture of the church would correspond with the fall Feast of Trumpets, the next feast on the Jewish calendar to be fulfilled.  Today, that belief is challenged.  Based on the mystery of Enoch, the man who walked with God 300 years and then was no more because God took him away.  Will his rapture be a foreshadowing of ours?  Apparently, Enoch was born on Shavout and according to Jewish tradition, he was raptured on his birthday.  We know Shavout as Pentecost, aka the birthday of the church!  At Pentecost, the Jewish “clock” stopped.  Will it start up again on the same feast day?  This is something worth considering…

And there is even more treasure than what I’ve mentioned here.  If you’ve taken this study, what impacted you about it?  How did you apply what you learned to your life?

Homework for next time:  Joshua, Judges, Ruth.  I just finished studying Ruth over the summer while reading Liz Curtis Higgs’ book “The Girl’s Still Got It”.  It is one of my favorites and teaches me something every time I turn to it.  I can’t wait to learn what Chuck Missler has to say about it.

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