Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brave by Angela Thomas – Session 4

Homework: Wow! These subjects are way too deep to be studied in only one week. I think Angela Thomas could do a full length study on each topic! As I did my homework this week, it seemed that the topic got bigger and bigger as I chewed on it and it felt like I had to swallow it down way too fast. Sorry about the food metaphor, but I think most of us can relate to being undisciplined in the area of food.

This weeks’ homework definitely brought more to the surface than issues with food. Each question seemed to stir the pot of my life and make me think about things that I don’t normally pay attention to or maybe deliberately ignore. I didn’t realize the many areas where I am undisciplined. Thank you, Angela, for helping me to be more honest about myself.

Video: The teaching for session 4, “I Am Undisciplined,” comes from Romans 7:15. This video teaching contained beautiful stories that I could picture vividly in my mind because of my own experiences and because I have spent the last week dredging up the yucky, “sluggy” part of my life. The fill-in-the-blanks seemed more thoughtful than in other video sessions.

Angela reminded us that we are at war, and the battle is spiritual in nature, not physical, and must be fought in spiritual terms. This means training and lots of it. We must train ourselves to obey God. I know how difficult that can be. Even Paul said he had to beat his body (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). We must train ourselves to listen to God’s Spirit.

She also reminded us of Who God is when she said, “If you’ve been stuck in the same area of undiscipline for 72 years, God is powerful enough to change you in a moment.” If I remember nothing but that teaching from this week’s video, it would be enough. But she also made a comment that she wants to be the woman God dreamed of when He dreamed of her. I want to be that woman, too. Not the one God dreamed of when He dreamed of Angela, but the one He dreamed of when He dreamed of me. He’s that personal, that intimate, that deliberate and specific. What a beautiful God we belong to. Lord, don’t leave any area of my life untouched by Your hands.

Class Activity/Discussion: The further we get in this study, the deeper our conversation seems to go. I suppose that’s the way Bible study small groups should evolve, getting more comfortable with each other and sharing a little more each week. This week, we began by “boasting and delighting” in God as Angela taught in last week’s video.

As discussion of this week’s lesson began, many of the ladies in my group expressed the desire to live on fire for Jesus. We appreciated the prayers Angela included in the workbook, giving us an example of how we can speak to God in a frank and natural way.

To introduce an opportunity for greater discipline in the lives of these ladies, I issued an invitation to Bible Study Fellowship.

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