Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Brave by Angela Thomas – Session 2

Homework: Although “Brave” is like many other Bible studies regarding a five-day homework format, the homework is rather unique and challenging. First of all, the layout is like a scrapbook, which I wasn’t sure if it would be a good thing because it looks so busy. But one of the lovely ladies in my group shared that, when she sees the neat, single-column layout of most study guides, she answers the questions as if she’s taking a test. This seems to promote rote “Sunday School” responses rather than more thoughtful answers. She likes the scrapbook format because it lends itself to more creative thinking. I completely agree! And I’ve discovered that I’ve spent more time contemplating the questions in this study.

I also like that the scripture being studied is included in the workbook. But I do miss flipping back and forth in my own Bible. I suppose I could seek out the Scriptures in my Bible even though they’re included.

Video: The teaching for session 2, “I Am Worn Out,” comes from Isaiah 40:31. I thoroughly enjoy Angela’s charming manner and her warm and inviting personality. I am not crazy about how the “fill in the blanks” for her video teaching comes mostly from the headings of the workbook lessons. I will have to mentally mine the video content a bit more aggressively to get something out of it.

One nugget of truth that I want to remember from the video teaching is: when you wait in hope for the Lord, He comes! Praise Jesus!

Class Activity/Discussion: During our class discussion, we learned that we are all worn out to a certain extent. Some of us were worn out and didn’t realize it. Many of us loved the realization that Jesus didn’t heal everyone or go everywhere. This truth freed us from having to do everything we think we must and seek God’s best for us instead.

One of our ladies loves how God cleanses us when we ask Him to, and the immediate refreshment that follows our request for Him to make us clean. Several of us resolved to make a habit of confessing to God and asking for cleansing. This led us to talk about using ACTS (Adoration – Confession – Thanksgiving – Supplication) prayers to restore our focus on Jesus and refresh us.

Finally, we determined that we must fight for our faith even if it means having to get up a little earlier in the morning to spend time with God first thing so you’re prepared for whatever the day brings. You will absolutely get out of your relationship with Christ what you put into it because He always brings the ultimate of Himself to share with you.

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Thanks! I am starting Angela's Stronger study next week.