Thursday, February 16, 2012

REVIEW: Love on the Line by DeeAnne Gist

DeeAnne Gist’s “Love on the Line” is a Christian romantic suspense triumph! Georgie Gail is an independent woman with a career as a telephone operator. Determined to care for herself rather than be at the mercy of any man, she loves her job and her garden that is home to many of the birds that she adores. When Luke Parker shows up to be the troubleman and salesman for the telephone company, that suits Georgie just fine until half of her job is taken from her and given to him. And when feelings between them begin to emerge, Georgie must decide whether their differences are enough to keep them apart.

Luke has his own issues. He is actually Texas Ranger Lucious Landham on the trail of a notorious outlaw. Believing that he can track down the Comer Gang and their infamous Robin Hood-esque leader, Frank, he poses as the telephone and telegraph troubleman to have access to the community where he believes the Comers to be hiding. He never planned to fall for Georgie. But now that he has, what’s a lawman to do?

This wonderful read has the perfect mix of mystery, suspense and romance. The bird watching, shooting and telephone operation sequences are written with enough detail to entice a desire for a deeper knowledge of the subjects. The sense of appropriate behavior made this reader long for a bygone era when such things were important considerations. This is a wonderfully entertaining novel that has earned a place on my keeper shelf until I pull it down to read it again…and again…and again.

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