Tuesday, September 21, 2010

REVIEW: Wildflower Bride by Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy’s “Wildflower Bride” is another entertaining and potentially life-changing read from a wonderful author of Christian Western romance. Wade Sawyer is going home. Summoned by his battered, but not broken, father, Wade finds himself heading to the ranch he swore he would never see again. Glowing Sun has just lost her home. After a raid against the Salish people leaves everyone but her mother-in-law and a young boy dead, Glowing Sun is forced to leave. Now going by Abby, she travels with Wade to Mort Sawyer’s ranch. Will her strength empower Wade to grow into the man that God intended him to be? Will Wade’s kindness break through Abby’s heart and show her a path to love? Will their example have a righteous influence on Mort Sawyer’s bitter and angry nature?

This is an amazing novel! All of Mary’s novels are incredible, but this one is saturated with a maturity that adds a great deal of depth to the story. Mary, I must thank you because I have struggled with the question at the heart of this beautifully written novel for YEARS! Your characters taught me that I just need to remove the screaming and the punching from my anger. The frustration that caused the anger is honest, and can be expressed without sinning. There can be no honor without honesty. This concept has already changed the way I communicate and deal with people. Who’d have thought that a work of fiction could so positively impact one’s behavior? Thank you.

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