Saturday, September 25, 2010

REVIEW: Maid to Match by DeeAnne Gist

“Maid to Match” by DeeAnne Gist is another wonderfully romantic read from a gifted Christian fiction novelist. Tillie is trying to win the position of ladies maid to her wealthy and wonderful employer. She aspires to make lots of money that she can donate to help less fortunate children at a local orphanage. Mack is a rugged mountain man who accepts a position with the Vanderbilts to earn enough money to get his sister out of the local orphanage, where the girls are being beaten by the director.

This charming romantic tale takes the reader deeply into the world of domestic servitude. I learned so much about the servant caste system, the goals and aspirations of domestics, and what they could hope to achieve. Gist develops and intricate plot and colors her story with incredible detail. I am never disappointed when I pick up a novel by this author. I highly recommend this novel.

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