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October Bible Study - Faithful Love in Human Relationships - Ruth Chapter 2

October Bible Study – Ruth Chapter 2
A Study of Faithful Love in Human Relationships

Welcome to this month’s Bible study. Consider my thoughts and please share your ideas, questions and wisdom in the comments section below.

Let’s pray together…Heavenly Father, I welcome You here, today as we meet to study Your Word. I ask that You would make our hearts and minds receptive to what You have to teach us today. Please bless each one who visits this page on the internet to join in Bible study. Help us to honestly examine our lives, share our hearts and become more like Your Precious Son. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Chapter 2 – Service:

2:1 – Boaz, a relative of Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, appears in both genealogies of Jesus in Matthew and Luke. He is identified as a man of standing in the community. His presence offers Naomi hope that she and Ruth may be able to survive and build a life.

2:2 – Ruth was willing to do anything to feed herself and Naomi. She took the initiative in a country not her own to make a way when others may have waited for the native in their party to act first.

What does this tell you about Ruth’s character?

2:3 – Ruth didn’t hesitate. She just went to work. Do you think it is a coincidence that she ended up in Boaz’s field?

2:4 – just then – isn’t God’s timing perfect? Would you perhaps share a comment about when God's perfect timing touched your life?

Boaz greets his employees. He is friendly. He is a man of God. He is a wonderful boss if the way his employees greet him is any indication.

Is your employer a godly person? Pleasant to work for? If so, thank God for that person. Then, tell your boss how much you appreciate him or her. If not, ask God to reveal to you the purpose for this relationship in your life.

2:5 – Boaz noticed Ruth. Because she was new? Or beautiful? Or because she worked hard and didn’t complain?

2:6-7 – The foreman knew who Ruth was. He probably heard the rumors about her, and when she introduced herself to him and asked permission to gather in the fields, he was able to put her story together with her face. She was not only a topic of conversation. She impressed the foreman with her work habits.

What is your attitude when the task you have been given is not up to your true potential?

2:8-9 – Boaz went to speak with her, offering instruction, work and his protection. Her story and obvious integrity impressed him.

2:10-12 – Ruth had a good reputation because she consistently behaved honorably.

Do you behave differently when you’re alone versus when you know someone is watching?

Here’s a small group activity for this lesson: Write your name on a sheet of paper. Pass it to the person on your left. Write something you admire about the person listed on the paper. Pass it around until everyone has written on everyone else’s sheet. You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the things others see in you.

2:13 – Ruth was humble, another admirable quality.

2:14 – Boaz sought Ruth out again at lunchtime. He was drawn to her.

2:15-16 – Boaz put forth extra effort to make sure that Ruth will bring home lots of grain for her and Naomi. He asked his employees to help her.

2:17-18 – Ruth worked a full day. She didn’t stop when she gathered a certain amount. She also shared all that she had with Naomi.

1 Ephah = about 22 liters! An unusually large amount for 1 days’ gleaning.

2:19-20 – Naomi wanted to know where Ruth worked. Is this because she was trying to get to Boaz and wanted to make sure they were in the right place? Did she merely want to praise God and pray for this generous man by name?

The kinsman-redeemer had the power to save them! He was responsible for protecting them, providing for them, avenging them, redeeming their land.

2:21 – Ruth attests to Boaz’s kindness.

2:22 – Naomi recommends that Ruth stay with the girls who glean in Boaz’s field so that she will be protected.

2:23 – Ruth obeyed. She lived with Naomi while she gleaned through the barley and wheat harvests.

Can you see how God’s timing and direction led Naomi and Ruth to Boaz at the perfect moment? Do you have faith that God is directing your life for His purpose?

What would Ruth and Naomi do for food once the harvest was over?

What acts of service were demonstrated in Ruth chapter 2?

After making the decision to follow Christ, what acts of service have you been inspired to perform?

Next month, our study of “Faithful Love in Human Relationships” continues with chapter 3 – Rest.

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