Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I Write On The Blank "Notes" Pages In My Bible - Hours and Watches.

What do you write on the blank "Notes" pages in the back of your Bible? Seriously, I'd like to know. Please leave a comment on this.

Mine stayed blank for years! Then I found myself looking up the same information that I couldn't remember over and over again. So, I now record things that I want to remember that isn't already in the reference pages. I write down concepts from Bible studies that I feel will help me to review.

One of my most referenced pieces of information in my "Notes" is a simple list - a chart of the hours of the day and the watches of the night so I can tell "Biblical time" while I'm studying the Word. Just in case this might help you, I've included this information below.

The Biblical “Hours”:

John 11:9 refers to 12 hours of daylight.
Matthew 20:3-12 refers to hiring at the 3rd, 6th 9th and 11th hours.
Matthew 27:45 refers to darkness from 6th to 9th hour.
Matthew 27:46 refers to Jesus calling out at 9th hour.
Acts 23:23 refers to “9 tonight”.
Revelation 8:1 refers to half an hour.
Revelation 9:15 refers to hour, day, month, year.

1st hour – 7 AM 7th hour – 1 PM
2nd hour – 8 AM 8th hour – 2 PM
3rd hour – 9 AM 9th hour – 3 PM
4th hour – l0 AM 10th hour – 4 PM
5th hour – 11 AM 11th hour – 5 PM
6th hour – 12 PM 12th hour – 6 PM

The “Watches of the Night”:

The night was divided into military watches instead of hours. Each watch represented the shift of duty for the watchman. According to one of my resources, the Jews recognized three watches, called the first or “beginning of the watches,” (Lamentations 2:19) the middle watch, (Judges 7:19) and the morning watch. (Exodus 14:24; 1 Samuel 11:11) After the establishment of the Roman supremacy, the number of watches was increased to four, which were described either according to their numerical order, as in the case of the “fourth watch,” (Matthew 14:25) or by the terms ‘even,” “midnight,” “cock-crowing” and “morning.” (Mark 13:35)

Pre-Rome – 3 watches:

beginning of the watches – sunset – 10 PM
middle watch – 10 PM – 2 AM
morning watch – 2 AM – sunrise

After Roman Supremacy – 4 watches:

Even – sunset – 9 PM
Midnight – 9 PM – midnight
Cock-crowing – midnight – 3 AM
Morning – 3 AM – 6 AM

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